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Companies have attracted better employees by following the advice of Scott Love, resulting in greater profit margins and improved culture.


Marked increases in morale, performance, and management effectiveness by adopting concepts introduced by Scott Love.


Increase the retention ratio of your employees. Love's concept of "the manager one level up" is uniquely simple, effective, and powerful. 



  • If I can ever be a reference for someone considering using your services, please let me know. I would wholeheartedly recommend you
    Rick Eisenman, CAE - Executive Vice President, Virginia Society of Association Executives

  • Scott delivered once again! We have had Scott speak to our member-owned network of recruiters twice in the last 10 years. Scott's material is always dead on and his energy and style is easy to appreciate. If you have not seen Scott speak, you need to make it happen. NPAworldwide has learned much from Scott and look forward to seeing him once again! Dave Nerz, President, National Personnel Associates Worldwide

  • If you want your sales team to see long term positive improvement, then you need to hire Scott Love for your next sales meeting. His exciting and powerful message will make a huge difference in your sales margins. Scott brings an energy that most speakers lack and is one of the best speakers we ever put in front of our franchisees. Jason Leverant, President, The AtWork Group

  •  I can't say enough good things about Scott Love, who is a frequent...speaker for American Staffing Association. Everything from Scott's content to his presentation skills are flawless. Attendee reviews are always glowing. Scott has expertise in the sales and recruiting spaces, but he also provides invaluable content on staff motivation, leadership development, and business operations. Best of all, he genuinely cares about his audiences and clients--and this comes through in both his preparation and delivery. You can count on Scott being an ASA presenter for years to come. Kate Fessler, Director of Education, American Staffing Association

  • I have hired Scott to provide training for my organization. He took the time to understand our needs and created a customized solution to address our goals. I found him very knowledgeable and also open minded in his approach. One of the things that I appreciate most about Scott is his commitment to providing value in sales. Many trainers focus on that one “silver bullet” phrase or pitch to make you sound great. Scott on the other hand, encourages you to think about what is best for your client or candidate first, not your pocketbook. He believes in the principle of reciprocity and advocates that you have to give to get. His training had an immediate impact on my team and increased production.
    Mark Stevenson - VP Randstadt, Central & Eastern Canada

  • On behalf of...the entire International Cemetery and Funeral Association sales & marketing committee, please accept our heartfelt thanks for providing us with an excellent program at the Wide World of Sales Conference in Las Vegas in January. Your presentation was one of the most effective and well received programs we have ever had. We particularly appreciate the way you customized your topic to fit our attendees' needs and the way you engaged them in interactive discussion and problem solving. I watch many of these types of presentations every year and this was in the top two or three I have ever seen. Excellent!
    Joseph Budzinski - International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

  • Our organization has hired Scott to speak at some of our events. Scott is an excellent public speaker ... engaging, articulate, and influential by telling great stories. He recently did a session for the Management Leaders in our organization and one of our officers said, "This is by far the best speaker we've had all year!" So we're bringing Scott back to do another session. Not only did our officers like his session, but we've seen an increase in closing stalled deals in just the past couple of weeks. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, fascinating and engaging speaker -- that also provides real-world tangible tools and results -- Scott is your person. There are valuable take-aways from every session!
    Bonnie Cox - VP Organizational Development & Training, Select Staffing

  • Over the years Scott has done various Keynote's and general sessions for us and his content is right on! He is easy to work with, knows his information and engages his audience. In fact, the day before conference was to start, he offered his help the conference committee with last minute details. I recommend Scott to any organization! Great guy, good content and very accommodating!
    Joe Cummings - President, California Staffing Professionals Association

  • I have known Scott for over 12 years and have hired him several different times. At the end of the day, every time we hire Scott to speak, everyone makes money. He can deliver a message that hits home. More importantly, he can provide specific actionable takeaways that your staff can immediately put into practice. I highly recommend hiring him to speak at your sales meeting or conference.
    Tammi Heaton - COO, Pridestaff

  • Scott's knowledge, experience, personality and delivery are exceptional. Not only that, but he's also a great person and an asset to the recruiting profession as a whole. We were honored to have him join us as a part of our conference.  Drea Codispoti, Top Echelon Corporation

  • Scott is awesome. Engage with him and you won't regret it!
    Steve Gibson - Talent Served 

  • Your professionalism in both preparation and presentation is second to none. I've worked with hundreds of speakers over the past 10 years and you stand out as one of the best." Amy Huber, Meeting Planner, American Staffing Association

  • This is the first conference I have been to with my employees where they came away excited. Being an owner, that means a lot to me. Thank you. Barbara Lazinsky, The Registry

  • I want to personally thank you for the great job you did at our State Conference last thursday. I had many, many positive comments about your presentations. You did a fantastic job. Your presentations showed passion and a genuine understanding of the real world we recruiters are in. You were able to convey your insight and knowledge of our industry in a clear and entertaining, yet professional manner. I hope our members will have an opportunity in the future to learn from you. Bruce Wilbanks, Oklahoma Association of Personnel Consultants

  • As the Vice President of the Florida Association of Personnel Services, I am continually searching for the best and brightest training techniques to expose our Association to our membership, and you consistently impress me with your ability to creatively come up with techniques even a rookie can learn and grow from! We enjoyed having you at our Annual Event last year, and would love to have you back in Florida soon - hopefully at the Annual NAPS conference in Orlando this fall! Suzette DiMascio, President/CEO Career Solutions


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Impacting Ideas

"When you work on a project, you own it.  Even if someone else started it, you own it."

- Scott Love


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